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manhood improves your sex life

circumcised penis and uncircumcised penisManHood is an undergarment that works as a foreskin substitute. When you’re circumcised, the head of your penis (the glans) loses the protection that your foreskin provided. This makes the surface of your glans dry out and toughen, damaging thousands of sensitive nerve endings intended to bring pleasure. As you grow older, the damage worsens due to the daily wear and tear on your exposed glans.

As a result of circumcision, you may begin to suffer from one or all of the following problems:

In less than 30 days of wearing ManHood, you will start to feel the wonderful benefits:

ManHood will increase and improve your sexual pleasure. We have thousands of happy customers with success stories. You simply wear ManHood on your penis every day. It fits comfortably and has a convenient velcro patch to adjust the grip. It’s safe enough to sleep in too, so you can enjoy 24/7 glans penis coverage.

manhood helps with foreskin restoration

Foreskin restoration is an excellent way to feel whole again. It’s very empowering to gain back some of what you lost when you were cut.

ManHood will give you faster results! When you wear ManHood daily, the head of your penis will become more sensitive, in the same way it would if you had an actual foreskin. Within a month, you’ll begin to feel increased sensitivity. Even if it takes you years to complete your foreskin restoration, you can experience the benefits of a smoother, more sensitive penis now! Learn more about how ManHood can help.

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can manhood help intact (uncircumcised) men too?

Yes! We actually have many customers who are intact. Sometimes intact (“uncut”) men suffer from tight or short foreskins. This may cause the tip of your penis to peek out from the skin, resulting in discomfort or itchiness. Do you find yourself constantly adjusting to get a more comfortable position?

ManHood can help you put an end to this uncomfortable problem. It will keep the head and foreskin covered, protecting you from the harsh, scratchy damage of your clothing. The relief is instant and you can finally stop being distracted by discomfort! Learn more.

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